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Mindset Makeover: 7 cardinal rules to hack your brain as an entrepreneur (and a human)

Mindset Makeover: 7 cardinal rules to hack your brain as an entrepreneur (and a human)

As entrepreneurs, mindset is a key component of our success, and it can make or break how well we take on challenges, face the hardships of life and navigate the sticky sides of business. 

We are all complex creatures with multi-faceted personalities, a list of interests longer than our to-do lists, a few deep-rooted wounds we have yet to heal and a lifetime of experiences that have shaped us into the people we are today. What’s important to remember is that, although a drastic personality change might not be in the cards for any of us, we can all work on our mindset and with each tiny, seemingly unnoticeable change, become better versions of ourselves. So let’s dive in. And since this is all pretty deep stuff, I’ve sprinkled it with beautiful scenic and eye-candy shots, so you feel connected and grounded while you dive and do the groundwork on your mindset. Let’s dig in!

Honor the mistakes

Actually, let’s not call them mistakes anymore. A mistake is nothing but an opportunity for growth, for learning and for improvement. Every tough situation you find yourself in, every hard decision you have to make, every stumble is showing us what we can do better. Fail forward, go through the ugly and come out the other side with lessons for the next time you find yourself in a similar situation. The most difficult chapters of my life, the ones where all I could see was darkness and when I thought I would never recover are what shaped me into the resilient and happy human I am today. I am so so grateful for the pain, because without it, I wouldn’t be here today. So, climb that mountain and take it all in once you’ve reached the top.

Give yourself grace

I’m a type A, enneagram 1, overachiever, so giving myself grace is hard in my best days. I always feel that I can do better, be better, push harder, and I am my harshest critic. What I’ve discovered is that with all this negative self talk comes self sabotage. If I always think I can do more, then I am de facto never doing enough… Over the years, I’ve learned – and spoiler alert, still learning – to be a little kinder to myself, and to tell my inner voice to just chill the f*** down once in a while. Sometimes good is good enough. Sometimes resting is great. Sometimes not getting shit done is an opportunity to slow down, reflect, reassess and get cracking the next day. You have to tune into your body. He’s the one that will let you know if you’re moving through positive, productive energy, or if you need to just sit down for a while and unplug the machine. System reboot time, people! Sometimes, unplugging is more productive than pushing through. So, splash your face, drink some water, stretch and chill out.

Asking for help is sexy 

Preach! This is a big one, people, so soak this in. It took me nearly a decade to learn it. I like to think of myself as self-sufficient, highly independent and slightly stubborn when I want to be. So, in self-sufficient fashion, I got used to taking all of the burden on my shoulders, doing it all myself, and never asking for help. There’s a saying in French that goes something like “You’re never better served than by yourself”. Boy, was I wrong… It is OK to accept that there are some things you don’t know how to do, or that other people are better are those things than you are. It doesn’t make you weak, or insufficient. It actually makes you smart. Preserve your energy and your creative power for the things that make your heart smile, and start DE-LE-GA-TING. Honestly, BEST. FEELING. EVER. Shoutout to my girl Melo at @melo-creative for taking over this blog’s technical setup so I can focus on what I love, writing and sharing my thoughts with you. Your time is precious, so use it on what truly brings you joy. Tik tok…

No one does it like you do

In a time of copy-paste, girlboss instagram hustle overload, it’s nice to be reminded that intentionality and agency are the sustainable drivers for your business. If you’re a weirdo – like me – own it, harness it, and use it in your business. For instance, I’m weird, I’m loud, I take up space and I make stinky jokes, but that makes me me. There’s no one else who has everything I have, and your energy and your personality are what will set you apart from the crowd. In the online space, we all cross over each other’s competences, but we are all unique and original in our own ways. Stop thinking “There are so many other marketing experts out there!” or “Why would people buy my product instead of xyz?”. Instead, tell yourself “My product and my kick-ass personality are such a unique combination, my people will find me and we’ll create this epic community together.” Your business is a blank canvas, and the beauty of it is you can mold it and shape it exactly like YOU want, so get those buckets of paint and start creating that masterpiece.

Honest beats pretty

We have never been exposed to visual stimuli as much as we are now, and we have all developed a very keen eye for the “pretty” things. Depending on where you fall in the Gen X/Millenial/Gen Z scale, pretty will look somewhat different to you, but as a society, we have all come to care about appearances to a very high degree. But this polished version of life makes us gloss over the important bit: honest is better than pretty. I consume pretty content because it’s aspirational, it pleases my creative brain and makes for a cool Pin on my latest board, but the content I really remember is the raw, the unfiltered, the honest truths. Honesty online is kind of a funny thing, because we’ve managed to polish the unfiltered, and call it raw. Is it really, though? We should all remember humans connect with other humans, not an idealized version of what this human is. Be real. It will resonate ten times more than any pretty thing you can make. 

Your voice deserves to be heard 

This is a good one. Listen, we’re all lying awake at night, feeling that imposter syndrome, wishing things could be simpler and feeling like we don’t deserve to be where we are, have what we have or do what we do. Let me tell you. That’s a load of BS. As we said, you are uniquely you (please refer to point number 4), therefore your voice matters, and what you have to say will always be valuable, important, and powerful. The people I look up to probably thought the same thing at some point, but if they hadn’t taken the leap, they would not have inspired me and be the people I strive to become now. Your voice has the power to lift others, and create a wave of change and inspiration that so many people need. It just takes you… Showing up. Which brings me to my last point.

Showing up is brave

Oh, yes it is! It would be so much easier to just settle, choose the path of least resistance, do what everyone is doing, and shy away from the risks and the discomfort that comes with entrepreneurship. People say building a business is hard work. It’s not work, it’s therapy! It will change who you are and will make you see all the things you don’t want to see. It will make you feel all the things you don’t want to feel, and it will make you grow by leaps and bounds in a way nothing else can. Showing up requires courage, but it also requires discipline and resilience. The resilience to keep showing up when you feel like no one’s listening. The discipline to show up on the days you don’t feel good. And the courage to trust yourself and have faith in you. 

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