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Compelling brands come from a place of calm

There is a better way to do business than the rise & grind, always-on culture we're subjected to. Building an aligned brand starts from within: by finding calm, centering your focus and getting things done the right way. At Groundwork, we strive to reshape the way brands are built to help you build a sustainable legacy filled with heart, soul and intention. Let's dive in.

Brand Strategy

Much like a deep tissue massage, we get to the root of who you are to tell your story with artful excellence and purpose.

First treatment of any day at the spa, our Brand Strategy package is a centered moment to refocus your energy. We unearth your beliefs, your values, your brand feel and we’ll deliver a brand backed by agency know-how, minus the factory approach, providing a strong cornerstone for your business to grow from. 

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Brand Identity

We scrub off the fluff to craft an intentional brand based on honesty and calm to cut through the noise and stand out in your industry.

We’ll refresh your current visual presence, and create a new brand identity and aesthetic that feels like you. We dive into all things visual, and craft a logo, a color palette, a font family, iconography and digital touchpoints so your brand comes to life through a visual aesthetic that stands out.

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Brand Deployment

Like a Full Body Wrap, we instill our brand into a seamless deployment strategy so that your brand can come to life in alignment across all touch points. 

We’ve taken the stress of deploying your brand off your plate. You’ll get a comprehensive release plan, and a list of to-dos so you don’t have to worry about how you're going to do all the things. We've got you!

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The Pamper Sessions

Not ready for the full spa treatment yet? We meet you where you're at. An immediate SOS treatment to dive into what your brand needs - right now.

A 90-minute container that gets us together in a room to talk about all things Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Content Production and more. We unearth your why, dissect your brand and curate an actionable plan for you to start fresh. We audit your brand beforehand so you get exactly what you need during our session, along with 3 tailored tools for you to implement the takeaways after our call and 2 weeks of Slack support, all for $444. Ready?



The Calm CEO

A 6-week Group Coaching Program so you can build your own brand from the ground up alongside others soulful creators.

You've got big dreams, a soulful foundation but need a little help strategizing from a place of intention and crafting an authentic brand - DIY style? The Calm CEO is for you. a 6-week live course with like-minded founders where I teach you all you need to create a sustainable brand strategy, brand your business and deploy it out into the world, all by yourself. 

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1:1 Consulting

Because we would never leave you hanging, we're here for you 1:1 if you need a curated treatment and targeted action plan for your brand

We know compelling brands come from a place of calm, and we want you to feel pampered along the process. Whether you need help refreshing your strategy, dusting off your look&feel, are mapping out a new product launch or prepping for your next brand shoot, we've got you! You tell us what you need, we take care of the rest.


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and get those spa vibes going...

 Ready to create a purposeful foundation for your business, your brand - and your life? With agency know-how and a heavy dose of audacity, we’ll help you strategize from a place of calm, and create from a place of alignment, developing your daring business into one that compels, and keeps you calm. 

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Calm, cool and collected

Do you want to craft a brand that feels good to you - and the world? Snag my freebie and get all my tips on how to create a brand identity that matches your creative vision and your brand's purpose. Ready?